Stop The Fanservice Julie Plec - do you think if we trend this on Twitter she’ll get a clue?

I mean, Dullena fans trended Delena Rain Kiss and they’re getting one (it’s on its way). Or is she too far up their asses?

"I want to thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted"

Elena to Damon

Tell me Elena, does that include Damon killing your brother many times and bringing misery to almost everyone you pretend to care about?

New dobsley picture!!!!!

New dobsley picture!!!!!

The Vampire Diaries: Shitty spoilers, SDCC2014 edition.

Hello there everyone!

With all the new spoilers regarding the upcoming season of the Bullshit Diaries, and since you suggested it, I thought it was that time of the year again: the one where you get back to hating on TVD! *evil laugh*

So here are some thoughts based on the legit spoilers that I found around.

  • Elena is so devastated by Damon’s death: let’s see how Elena is gonna be more affected by Damon’s demise than by the death of her parents. Toxic relationship until the very end. Refreshing. Nice. GAG ME.

  • Elena will mourn the loss of the man she thought she’d spend eternity with: HA. HA. HA. Next joke please. Elena said she wanted to be with Stefan forever, and look where it got them. Cool story Plec. Not buying it.

  • Strong love between Damon and Elena, blah blah blah: See, when I look at Dullena, I don’t see a strong love. I see a toxic relationship based on lust. One where Elena had to bend her morals, everything she believed in, to be with Damon, a guy that claimed his love for Elena had changed him, when he actually spent the summer of his life killing innocent people. So no chance in hell you’re gonna sell me Dullena as being an epic love Plec, Dobrev and everyone else. I WILL NEVER BUY IT.

  • Stefan and Elena’s friendship stays strong: Elena stopped being a good friend altogether a couple of seasons ago, let alone be a good friend to Stefan. The past two seasons have shown how insensitive Elena is towards Stefan’s feeligns. Even ranting to him about her current BF Damon, aka Stefan’s brother whom she slept with the day after she broke up with Stefan. Ain’t that the best foundation for a very healthy friendship? I DON’T THINK SO.

  • Elena and Tyler will become friends: See above. Poor Tyler, I feel bad for him already. RUN BOY RUN!

  • Stefan deals with the loss of his brother in a surprising way: translation: they haven’t come up with a proper storyline for Stefan. AGAIN. SCREW YOU PLEC.

  • Vampire Alaric will compel himself a new job: Alaric stopped being relevant when his sole purpose became to prop DE/ objectify Elena. WHY IS HE THERE?

  • Caroline will have an incredible storyline this season: sure, boning Stefan Salvatore must be incredible indeed. Which leads me to…

  • Steroline: it’s official, Paul has been brainwashed by Plec. He can’t stop talking about Steroline sex now. More seriously, I don’t trust Plec and the writers to stay true to Caroline’s character, considering they completely assassinated Elena’s character (the so called heroine of the show!) for the sake of fanservice. So I can see them ruining Caroline too by having her develop romantic feelings for Stefan, when she’s spent FOUR SEASONS being the Stelena Queen. But hey, I guess we’re supposed to suffer from amnesia too, right Plec and Dries?

All of the above sounds depressing, doesn’t it? At least TVD is consistent on this one. BUT to cheer you all up, I saved the good stuff for the end:

  • Jeremy is away from Elena in the first episodes: GOOD FOR YOU LITTLE GILBERT. The further from Elena, the better.
  • Damon and Bonnie: Like I’ve always said, I don’t consider myself to be a shipper but you have to be blind to ignore the chemistry between Ian and Kat (my baby). With that being said, if Bonnie’s presence can make this little asshole called Damon grow into a man (about damn time after 5 seasons, don’t ya think?) then it’d make for an interesting and refreshing storyline.

And that’s pretty much it! The season hasn’t already started, but yet the bullshit is already back. That sounds promising for my TVD recaps, right? ;)

Should I post some comments regarding the newest TVD spoilers from Comic Con?


Tweet StarryMag!!!!


Tweet StarryMag!!!!

Don’t you love it how TVD keeps adding new random characters when the writers can’t even come up with proper/interesting storylines for the main cast?


Just found a person here on Tumblr that could be a shipping teammate. But then I notice she’s a Delena fan…

Unrelated news: I’m back from my holiday! :)


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♥ The Doppelgänger Diaries: Summer of Love CONTEST! ♥

Artists… Fan-Fiction Writers… and Vidders… Welcome to the #DGsummeroflove! A creative challenge that celebrates the chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev that we hope you will all enjoy!

Check out our site for more info and spread the word!

TVD 5x22: “Home”- Random Thoughts Of The Week

This week was the week: the one where the Bullshit Diaries said goodbye to us after what turned out to be the worst season (so far), for the second year in a row. Nope, I don’t even wanna think about next season yet. Let’s enjoy our freedom first: a summer without Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.

But before we do that, let’s see what happened in the season finale of the TVD.

  • Stefan is dead, but his hair remains perfect. Magical.

  • Caroline cries…an unicorn dies somewhere.

  • Damon and Elena barely giving a fuck about Stefan’s death. How surprising. Not.

  • LEXIIIIIIIIII. THAT is a face that I’m glad to see back on my screen. She always had Stefan’s back. 
  • "My brother is over there" This scene was so…bad. Because A) I don’t care that Damon’s feelings are hurt, and B) the acting was cringe-worthy. Besides, that smelled like a failed attempt to make us care about Defan somewhat. BUT…what is a Defan anyway?
  • "Let’s not forget who else is at the top of the search and rescue list" Enzo…why is he even here?
  • "Stefan saved your life" Looks like Caroline is the only one who keeps track of all the good deeds Stefan has done. Point for you girl.
  • Caroline snapped Lukas’ neck without blinking. She’s the only one caring about getting Stefan back. This is so incredibly sad. But another point for Care.
  • The Travelers…blah blah. Don’t care. Never have, never will.
  • Michael Trevino is another actor whose talent is wasted on TVD. But I still want Tyler back because I love him, ok?
  • Gosh all these mentions of Alaric mean that he will come back from the other side. Great, another character to prop Dullena. Just as if we didn’t have enough already. GAG ME.
  • Lexi addressing the Steroline problem. This is really gonna happen next season, isn’t it? Crap S6 hasn’t started yet, and I’m already starting to hate it. Congrats Plec and Dries.
  • SILAS!! *fangirling*
  • "I feel like I’m teaching calculus to an infant" LOL Silas. His one-lines are always so perfectly delivered. Paul King Wesley ladies and gentlemen.
  • "Is it a crime for someone so good- looking to be so sad all the time" Silas, you can’t understand what it’s like to have awful people such as Damon and Elena in your life. 
  • "Can we talk about the irony in us blowing up the only place dumb enough to hire us?" Another season passed, and one again Matt didn’t get a proper storyline. TVD writers, you suck so fucking much.
  • "Project Kaboom needs someone to trigger the explosion" "OK. wait you?" Warning: rand ahead. First can we talk about the fact that Elena was completely fine with someone going on a suicide mission BEFORE she figured out it was Damon. THAT IS SO SICK. Secondly, she didn’t want Damon to sacrifice himself for his fucking brother, the person who has always put Damon before himself. THAT IS SO FUCKING SICK. You know what? Elena IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. 
  • Speaking of shit…I find it ridiculous that the writers couldn’t come up with a logical storyline, such as REMOTELY detonating a bomb or something to trigger the explosion. But hey, I’m using my brain here, so, nevermind. Still: Plec and Dries will always come up with contrived storylines to force the whole “Damon is a hero” down our throats. PS: Attempt failed.
  • Elena, I’ve seen [a future with you] since the second I laid eyes on you" MY BULLSHIT METER IS GOING CRAZY IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I mean, will you look at that. The writers are pretending either that we’re a bunch of idiots, either that we completely forgot what happened during the first three seasons of the show. Because if I remember correctly, the first time Damon laid eyes on Elena, he was still searching for Katherine, the love of his life. But yet you tell me he had already envisioned a future with her? Was that before or after he snapped his brother’s neck? When he abused her best friend maybe? Or tried to kill the other one? Or maybe while he was wishing for her to die? Geez guys, this love story was truly romantic from the beginning. Ha Ha Ha. No.
    YOU KNOW WHAT WRITERS? FUCK YOU. PS: trying to make Dullena romantic? Another failed attempt.

  • Of course the best new character of the season (aka Silas) had to go. Well done writers. Still, I love badass Bonnie who doesn’t take shit from anyone. So yep, I’m conflicted on this one.
  • It’s been my privilege to watch you grow into the beautiful woman you have become” OMG THE FEELS. The relationship between Bonnie and Grams has always been special to me.
  • "I love you Bonnie". "I love you" THIS IS SO SAD I CANNOT.
  • Elena and Damon want to blow themselves up, fully aware of the fact that they’re gonna come back. That’s not heroic, that’s a calculated risk. And beyond that: I don’t care so…
  • "You need to come home to your brother" "No I can’t". WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T ELENA? You mean you put Damon above your own brother? This girl is too fare gone to be redeemable at this point.
  • When you get the girl" Oh look, bad habits die hard, Alaric is objectifying Elena. Again. Talk about another ruined character for DE. I’m so over this misogynistic stuff.
  • "What kind of best friend would I be if you died before Stefan got his brother back?" OMG Lexi why do selfless? I know you mean it well for Stefan, but trust me, he’d be better off his jackass brother who only brought misery to his life.
  • Damon didn’t make it through. Damon is dead. Whas that supposed to be a shocker? If so: you failed Plec and Dries, we had predicted that weeks ago. Further proof that you suck at being writers btw.
  • Not giving a fuck about this self-centered bitch who only cares about Damon. Elena, you can cry me a river. 
  • Paul Wesley’s teary eyes =  my heart breaking into a million pieces. FML
  • Elena was the greatest thing that happend to Damon’s life?!? Heads-up jackass: without Stefan you wouldn’t have lived at all. GO FUCK YOURSELF. 
  • Also, can we talk about the fact that Damon didn’t even bother saying goodbye to his little brother? What a waisted occasion to highlight the relationship between the brothers. But nope, Damon kept his last chance to say goodbye for Elena. And then the writers expect me to root for Defan? This ship sinked a long time ago Plec and Dries.
  • The last Bamon scene was so great though. I really loved it. No wonder that was Kat’s favorite scene of the episode.

Ok, well, that was once again an underwhelming finale. Alaric’s back but not Lexi. THIS IS A JOKE. But I get it, Plec has a lady boner for Ernesto too. The only thing I’m almost looking forward to are the Bamon scenes, because Kat and Ian have really nice chemistry (look at the way they looked at each other in the last scene). You have to be blind to not see it.

Except Bamon, I don’t even have one storyline I’m excited to see unfold. Stefan is gonna go dark I guess, Elena will pine over Damon, more Dullena being shoved down our throats, Steroline will happen (fanservice anyone?), Alaric will wear his Damon/Dullena shirt, Enzo will take screentime away from the core cast. Matt and Jeremy won’t have a proper storyline….

Yep, nothing interesting. My last hope is for the sixth season to be the last, so we can be free from TVD. I mean, based on the ratings, Plec and Dries should notice that the majority isn’t happy with the way the show is being handled. They should take a clue that their show is going downhill. But alas they have their heads too far up Damon/Ian’s ass to even realize this. So yes, I truly hope S6 will be the last, the show has run its course anyway.

With that being said, thanks to all of you who took time to read my weekly and humble thoughts. Not going to lie, talking shit about TVD with you all has become the most entertaning aspect of the show!

See you next season for another year of my ramblings, or whenever shit will come out of the writers’ mouth for some good ol’ rants ;)





Damon Dies Tonight - I’d trend the hell out of this shit on Twitter just to upset Plec and Dries.

I’m evil like that…

I just found out that when you search the tag “Anti Tvd”, my blog is the first featured in the related blogs.

I just found out that when you search the tag “Anti Tvd”, my blog is the first featured in the related blogs.


TVD 5x21: “Promised Land”- Random Thoughts Of The Week

Another week, and another episode of The Bullshit Diaries. The more time passes, the more I struggle to come up with some thoughts to share with you as I find myself fast-forwarding the episode to get me out of my misery sooner.
But I promised myself that I’d watch every remaining episode of the season, if only to tell myself that I managed to get through the worst season of TVD…up to now that is, because the worst is always yet to come on the Bullshit Diaries.
Back to business…

  • Ugh, too much Damon screentime in the first minutes of the episode. I’m sick of his bulging eyeballs already.
  • "I’ll have enough when you can no longer speak" Hey Markos, as long as you let Stefan go, you can have Elena, it’s totally fine by me.
  • Stefan and Elena were almost drained from their blood but their clothes are neat. Makes perfect sense in TVD land.
  • Enzo is becoming a joke. First he has a death wish, and now he realizes being dead sucks and he wants to be alive again. Why is he even there?
  • Ian & Kat have really great chemistry. It’s almost if Damon gets his snark back when he’s around Bonnie. If only Plec and Dries were ballsy enough to go down the Bamon route…. But nope.
  • We’re vampires, we’re a toxic species”. WHAT IS THIS SHIT THAT IS COMING OUT OF STEFAN’S MOUTH? IT’S UNBEARABLE AS IT IS COMPLETELY INCOHERENT WITH THE WAY STEFAN WAS WRITTEN DURING THE FIRST THREE SEASONS. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE STEFAN THAT SAID: “We choose our own path, our values and our actions, they define who we are" (yes it’s my favorite Stefan quote, I’ve got it memorized). WHAT ARE THE WRITERS DOING TO MY FAVORITE CHARACTER ON THIS SHITTY SHOW? Oh yeah, they’re just using him as nothing but a way to prop Dullena. AGAIN. I’m livid.
  • Liv and her brother are too useless to get to ‘kill’ Stefan and/or Elena.
  • And I’m supposed to care about this random Traveler…why?
  • Why don’t you do us all a favor and start dating Elena again?” Even Matt is here to prop Dullena…This is getting beyond ridiculous.
  • Aren’t we all a little sick of Tyler" I’m sick of YOU Damon, but unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want. I my case: Never with Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.
  • The Travelers want to restore balance and undo all kinds of magic. Safe to say they’re gonna fail, because then there would be now show. But hey, Plec and Dries think this shit is suspensful…
  • Bonnie told Caroline that there’s no spell that can bring her back…I can’t with this storyline.
  • Damon getting thrown around is the only highlight of the episode so far.
  • Mini flashback to Stefan being killed by his own dad…Remember how amazing the show was back then? Those were the good old days. We miss you Kevin Williamson!
  • Enough of this Dullena nonsense.
  • And of course Stefan had to witness it. If I were him, I’d rather be dead too.
  • Oh wait…Stefan is actually dead. Just as if we hadn’t called it weeks ago. 

And that’s it.

I feel like I should talk more about Stefan’s death, considering he’s my favorite character on this shitty show, but I don’t know what to say, really. He had one of the most pointless and random deaths in the history of the show. That’s how you say (even if temporary) goodbye to the FUCKING HERO OF YOUR FUCKING SHOW TVD WRITERS? Just screw you. Stefan deserved better…like dying for Elena, or for his jackass brother, but like this, at the hands of a random Traveler who I don’t give a fuck about? This is so cheap. But hey, we’re “the other fandom” so I guess that’s what we’re meant to get: bullshit.

Candice and Kat were the only ones bringing justice to Stefan’s death. Their performances were A+. But other than that? Stefan died in the penultimate episode of the season (lol)… Who knew when TVD started that his death would do nothing to me? It was predictable, pointless. And here I am, wishing it were definitive, so that I could put the show behind me. But nope, what is Stefan’s death gonna do to the story? IT IS GONNA BE USED AS A PROP FOR DAMON, TO MAKE HIM LOOK SELFLESS (my ass) BY SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR HIS BROTHER. (well guess what, too fucking late for that).

That’s what Stefan’s death is gonna be about. Not about Stefan, not about the reactions of the ones who still care about him, but about Julie’s precious Eyeballs McGee. I’m livid. AGAIN.


”Proud To Be In The Other Fandom” trending on twitter worldwide!


”Proud To Be In The Other Fandom” trending on twitter worldwide!